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My Theatre arrived today following a problematic eclipse that B&O was good enough to resolve.

First problem is that the visa mount for the 55 does not  fit the LG G1 maybe LG changed the locating screws for the G2?? panel; its to short, missing the top location studs, so the guys fabricated a metal insert to allow the top screws to locate.

Setting up was seamless enough but when doing so to change the stand position it asks  to re- calibrate via the mic all over again and wont allow anything else?

The app is not that intuitive  but i suppose i will get used too it

The motorised stand now has one operating plane; not two as in the eclipse, this means the tv stays away from the wall by quite some distance, meaning its eal life movement is not that much.

I exchanged for this product as i did not want to get caught with another out of date beovision after only 6 months.

Sound wise, its very good; although im really not getting the ‘surround experience’ in appropriate films at all.

Matched with Lab 28 the soundstage opens up; i would not be happy with just the theatre for that reason alone as for B&O suggesting a sound ‘triangle’ with lab 28 at the rear; it would not work for me,one is to aware of the sound being ‘in front’ and the app is quirky and keeps stating its ‘offline’


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