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To be more precise about my Powerlink issue with the Theatre: When i have the BL90 connected and setup in the App as Powerlink, the room compensation measurement process for a 5.1 speakergroup using the microphone is stopped as soon as the signal hits the Powerlink connected BL90’s. It works though, when the BL90’s are set up and connected as wireless to the Theatre in the App. Then it is possible to get a room corrected speaker group preset and the process functions as expected.

Ive just been playing with this very aspect (I think).

This is what I have done so far, and have yet to test it critically.

  1. Listening Positions parameters
  2. Run Room Sense BSTH/BL90/BL3 surround setup. Speaker Preset to 0 (Auto). Rename to “Video”. Set as Start-up Default 5.1
  3. Re-Run Room Sense but with BSTH/BL3 omitted i.e. BL90 Only. Speaker Preset to 1 (Narrow beam I think). Rename to Narrow
  4. Duplicate BL90 Narrow Listening position, Rename to wide, Speaker Preset to 2 (wide beam)
  5. As above for Omni, Speaker Preset to 3

There is a bug in the Beoapp that can only display 1.5 buttons for listening positions. However, if I have this right, you can operate BL90s in true narrow mode with two front loudspeakers only, and flick into Video mode, with the correct delays/sync and fire-up all loudspeaker sets including the BSTH.

If you are firing up the BL90s from a 3rd Party device, they (I think) operate with the original calibration installed from the BL90 room Sense and not that of the Theatre.

Again, I have asked B&O to look into this and sort-out the mish-mash they have now made.

As a final note, please connect your BL90s via Powerlink rather than WISA. They and your ears deserve them.