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I wanted to use the BS Core for listening to music (only) through a dedicated source/transport. When i listened to BL90’s in the B&O store using a BV Harmony compared to using a budget Bluesound Vault2 directly feeding the BL90’s via coax the same day, it sounded better without the TV in the chain.

That’s why i wanted to try the Core. TV and movies is not my priority with the BL90’s … for me it is 90% stereo music, und 10% surround music playing live concerts etc.. What would you suggest in order to exploit the best sound possible out of the BL90’s in stereo and alternatively in a 5.1 or 5.2 setup? I would think, that the BL90’s should benefit from a decent source feeding them.

You should be able to setup a listening position on your Theatre with only the Beolab 90, then you have a B90 only stereo setup with the Theatre acting like a Mozart “BS Core” 🙂

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