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Ethernet into the input port then two ethernet cables out (one to Apple TV, the other to xbox series s) HDMI from TV e-Arc to Theatre, two HDMI inputs A has Apple TV and B has xbox series s Nothing else connected.

So the simple stuff is to disconnect each one of the External device sources at the HDMI/LAN level behind the TV. Im sure you have done this already and I apologise if I come across as trying to teach you to suck eggs!! Check the eARC. HDMI cable. I dont think the B&O supplied cable is directional but check just in case. If that does not do anything, try running a long extension lead/power cord and power the BSTH and TV panel from different power sockets on different lines if you can? The only reason I state this is I had a similar problem with my BL90s in the upper treble domes. (connecting with 3rd party audio separates, cables, and the Beovision). It was a dog to find the fault and only stopped when I plugged my 3rd party separates into a power regenerator to clean the power supply. Something was causing a ground loop hum. There may be something much simpler (faulty BSTH maybe) but these are first things to test before calling your Dealer.

Don’t worry don’t think you are teaching to suck eggs. I tried without anything attached yesterday and just the Theatre plugged into the socket in the wall, but still got the issue sadly.