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It does take some attention to settings of a device to get Dolby Atmos being sent. I just sat through the James Bond movie “No Time to Die” and though the sound was amazing. However, when I checked what the sound was on the B&O app, it showed 7.1 True HD PCM. I had the output on the Sony UHD player set correctly to “Auto.” However, I needed to turn the setting for “Secondary audio” to “off.” This wasn’t really very intuitive. After doing so, I got “Dolby Atmos” shown on the B&O app. I went back and re-watched a few scenes and was blown away by the difference.

BTW, the Theatre really shows the difference between compressed and uncompressed audio. On a lesser quality speaker, streaming might seem fine. However, with a UHD you get to realize the full potential of B&O speakers with the lossless sound.