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Guy, My Beoport PC N.Radio worked fine on Windows 10 until the last update, about 2 weeks ago. Since then, though N.Music works and linked sources from my Eclipse also play, N.Radio does not play a station. Installed on an old Windows XP laptop and on Windows xp virtual machine on Windows 10 it all works fine. So as you say a driver may need replacing or it is internal in the software using something that was unsupported and as now been replaced. Paul

Thanks Paul that’s useful to know.  If it’s working on your XP and Keith’s Win7 then Win10 may well be the problem.  Any chance that you could check the driver versions in Device Manager on both your Win10  and XP PCs?

I might try setting up a Win 7 virtual machine this week on either my desktop or NAS and see how I get on.