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3) I think only the C2 and G2 Panels are supported. With LG, you need to download the B&O LG App to enable remote control via BR1. I dont know if this LG app is compatible with the CX. But you can test this now I think?

Found CX, C1, C2, GX, G1 and G2 are supported source 🙂

4a) the way the Beoapp seems to work is you can add 4 sets of wired speakers and I think 4 pairs of WISA speakers. When I do a quick test to do a new wired speaker config with a BL2 first, I can add only 1 BL90 to the BL2. I cant add a pair. So I imagine you use 1 of 4 connections adding a subwoofer.
4b) When you add a speaker, you add to that speaker 1 extra unit. This can be identical model, a different model (i.e. BL90 – Front Left and BL3 – Front Right) or it can be solo (just a Bl90 Front left)

You should be able to add 8 single channels but my guess is BL90 and BL50 is always a pair. Thus occupying both left and right channel. A single subwoofer should only occupy one channel 🙂