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Speaker roles: I would have thought that middle ceiling speaker is a must for Atmos, is this not supported by the Theatre? I have downloaded the user manual but it is limited on information. Questions: 1) does the Theatre support 8K as it is today or will it require hardware updates? 2) which provides best ease of use and control and sound and picture quality, to connect external sources to the Theatre or to the television? 3) can the Theatre control an LG CX? I find the user manual unclear as it states โ€œnewer than CXโ€, does that include or exclude the CX? 4) how many speakers can be wired to the theatre, I see 4 RJ45 powerlink, is it fair to assume 8 speakers? And can one assign any speaker position combination for each RJ45 or will they need to be in pairs i.e. front left and right as opposed to a subwoofer and a center speaker? 5) is the user experience once all is setup easy like BeoVisions normally are so that all members of the family can use the system?

1) Yes it support 8K passthrough (4K 120FPS / 8K 60FPS / 40Gbit source) but note the cable requirements for 8K is quite high and you need an insanely big screen size to benefit the 4*4K ๐Ÿ™‚

2) I don’t quite follow

3) CX should be supported I have tested a GX and it works. It should have similar internals as the CX.

4) Yes for wired speakers you can connect 8 speakers (Left Right channel in each powerlink plug). You can either daisy chain (only some beolab speakers support it) else you can buy splitters. Note you can also connect up to 8 wireless over WiSA

5) Sadly I have little to no experience with the old BeoVisions. So hopefully another kind spirit can help you ๐Ÿ™‚