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I had the same problem with my BL5 some years ago. First I thought that the problem was the 96kHz spdif signal, as the BL5 has a 88.2kHz limit written in the manual.

One speaker was fine but the other sounded weird in the tweeter. I found out that when daising chaining the spdif signal, the output from one speaker to the second one is limited to 44.1kHz, even when the original signal in the first speaker is higher.

However, looks like someone updated the eletronics to allow 96kHz input, but forgot to mention that in the manual.


In the end, i found out that the distortion was from bad cable. I was using ordinary analog audio cable, which has good shielding up to 50 kHz signal. As I was feeding 96 kHz signal, lots of distortion came up. The second speaker didn’t show any distortion because the signal was reduced to 48kHz.

So I changed my spdif cable to a digital one and then everything was great.


Steve from Sounds Heavenly can help you with that.