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I have a Panasonic DP-UB820EB and when I was using my Eclipse with PUC I had it set to the Panasonic Generic Blu-ray.  Now using the Theatre my Apple TV 4K (2022) & Sky Q use the PUCs.  My 820 goes into my LG G2 directly in hdmi 1 not the Theatre; and I need to use the LG remote for the hdmi-cec, or the 820s own remote, as the BR1 does not to my knowledge do cec.

FYI I use my Nintendo Switch as the other hdmi into the Theatre.  My feeling is the PUCs are best saved for the devices I use most often.

Of note for the Apple TV 4K (2022) the only PUC that works in the long list is an old “Apple TV 4”.  Strange because there is a new Apple TV 4 + 4K but this does nothing.