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Well, my Theatre was delivered at 1:30 A.M. At any rate, it’s finally here. I found the following to share:

-The HDMI-CEC is actually pretty good. It’s controlling everything that I need on the Apple TV and Sony UHD player without the need for a PUC cable.

-There is no way to indicate for it to route LIGHT/CONTROL commands to the BLI. All of the items I’m used to seeing in the LIGHT and CONTROL lists are present (probably from previously paired BT B&O devices), but pressing the items in those lists does nothing.

-Netflix is oddly missing from the TV list on the Beoremote One.

-However, the Netflix and Amazon buttons on a Beoremote One that has those physical buttons go to Netflix and Amazon on the LG smart tv apps.

-The Theatre discovered my wireless speakers connected via Receiver 1 units. However, the Theatre doesn’t let me tell it which type of speaker (e.g. BL 6000) is connected.

-The room sense will play the tone on the wireless speakers connected via Receiver 1 units. However, when the room sense finishes, it doesn’t add those speakers or let you add them after the room sense. They are greyed out. I’ve never updated the firmware on my Receiver 1 units since they simply worked with my Transmitter 1 when used with my Beosystem 4. Perhaps I need to do the firmware update?

-The speaker roles are noticeably limited when compared with what’s available on the Beosystem 4. For example, I was going to add more speakers for the Wide roles, but Wide is not an option for external speakers. Also, there is no role for middle hight speakers — only front and back height. The Dolby Atmos setup diagrams provide for the additional “left and right surround 1” roles — a back counterpart to the front “wide” roles. However, those roles are not options.

-Lastly, I get that dreaded error message that won’t let me play HBO Max content on the Apple TV 4K. This seems to be an HDCP issue on some devices. When I had the Apple TV 4K directly connected to the LG C1, I didn’t have this issue. I might have to connect the Apple TV 4K to the LG again instead of to the Theatre.