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in the official photos, the justice is not really done. At first, I did not like the BSTH and looks somewhat ugly with the boat hull profile. However, I was keen to get away from spending what is essentially £2k a year overhead on Beovisions with built-in obsolescence. Mk1 Eclipse is case in point. The Theatre could well reduce that overhead  to £400/yr over a 5year expectation.

With my little white IKEA plinth, looking front-on, the boat hull sort of smooths away and looks very thin. In fact, the LG G2 and BSTH is now closer to the wall than the Eclipse on motorised stand and in a way, looks more demur than the Eclipse and in a way, a more discrete and balanced TV design execution.

One thing I think could be changed for the better is an aluminium cover for the table stand. As it is now, the black segment of the table stand that is proud of the unit reflects upward on to the boat hull. The black anthracite model would mitigate that.

Finally, the Oak fret design is not for me, preferring the fabric option.