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I briefly looked at keeping my Eclipse Stand, fabricating a 10mm thick Aluminium Plate and hex-bolting the Theatre to the stand (excluding the Eclipse “Y” bracket). In the end, I just sold it on.

The STB variant looks interesting and that 7-40 stands look cheap on eBay. However, I think I will look to see if a 7-55 stand comes on the market. The 77in Theatre on the table stand on the floor looks really cool – very BV5/9/10/11 etc and hides all the cable. The low-slung look suits the Theatre/G2 look

In the end, I went super-cheap and made a plinth out of glued Ikea Lack hanging shelving, cut the innards out of one of them (honeycomb paper) to hide excess cable. Add a bit of filler, sandpaper and some emulsion paint for £60!



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