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Hi Paul,

Firstly I’m probably NOT the best person to ask for advise, I’m an amatuer that “dabbles”, I’ve had no formal training so I can’t really be of much help, but I usually start with a long good look at the boards, looking for anything that doesn’t seem quite right, discoloured boards, bulging caps, dry joints etc.

I do note that you mention “Beocenter”, mine was a “Beomaster”, two very different machines. I put as much information as I could in my write-up, beyond that, I cannot be of much help. However, I do have an old Beocenter 4600 that I was planning to attempt to repair, but I don’t think I’ll ever get around to it, so if you need a machine for spares (and you’re in the UK), this may be an available option for you.
In the meantime, good luck and don’t give up, it’s good to know these old machines are still being used.