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I don’t know your location, nor the agreed deal with you and your Dealer?

I know that B&O have delivered large items (BL90) direct to my home and the shipper is a shipper only. They drop the parcel off at door step only, with the rest of the problem being yours. I know they that B&O dealers can do it all, but this carries installation expenses.

Sometimes, it has been my preference to save a few ££, sometimes to savour the experience and do the install yourself.

In my last experience, I had the opposite, I wanted to install myself but the Dealer insisted. (They are 1.5hrs away from my home). With some of the fiddling about they did, dialling in alignment of the soundbar and panel (which is not as easy as the videos look), it took them 5hrs. I think in essence, I was the training mule for them to learn as I was the first BSTH that Dealer had done.

Back to your case, if a package arrived at unsociable hours like you indicate, I’d simply tell the driver to jog-on and refuse the delivery. Make that your Dealers/B&Os problem.

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