Reply To: Adding BL19 to BeoSound Theatre worth it or needed?

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How well does it do Atmos by itself?

Im not sure I can really answer that on multiple levels:-

I’ve just stored the microphone away deep into the loft. However, listening to the Dealer demo, it is a very credible and capable soundbar in its own right. I have no reference to compare its 3D sound capabilities – only its tonal capability.

I have done two positional calibrations with RoomSense:- a) BSTH/BL90/BL3 and b) BL90 only (this is my workaround for a potential hole in the BeoApp for BL90 Narrow/Wide/Omni selection).

I have not done a calibration with the BSTH on its own (I assume you have to do this to answer your question?) and assume just muting the accompanying Surrounds is not the same as calibrating a BSTH on its own? i.e. I dont know if the BSTH can do that on the fly?