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What I did was I visited the web site of the internet radio stations that were not on B&O Radio, in my case  They had a tab “Listen” which had all the ways you could listen to their stations including streaming URLs.  On the B&O website I used their Contact Us option in Support and told them my request to see if they could add a couple of stations.  I provided the name of the stations, J-PopProjectRadio and J-IdolsProjectRadio, the streaming URLs from the website, the website URL, and location information where the channels originated them.  I tried to provide as much information to B&O as I could that was available, so they could do whatever rights research they needed to do.  I can’t say how long it took to have them added to B&O Radio because I didn’t have a system on the Mozart platform at the time, but I don’t think it took too long. I believe they also added a similar station for me as a bonus, Kawaii Music –, as I don’t remember it being there before.

I hope this helps and good luck!