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I had a listen to both the Beolab 18s and the Theatre and decided to go for the Theatre.

The 18s were beautifully crisp and the bass was deeper than what I’d heard people saying but the theatre provided a more well rounded experience. I brought Along a selection of tracks ranging from Beatles, Marvin Gaye and OST Tron Legacy and new West Side Story.

I dialed down the bass on the theatre and the overall soundstage filled the room nicely. I suppose my living room is around 30m2 or 100ft. The demo room was much smaller.

I went with the Oak cover.

They had the Theatre in stock and they offered either a 5% discount or a 5-year extended warranty. I might just take the 5%.

I was going to set it up myself but might have them do it but it seems silly to connect it to the aging Sony Bravia.

They added an audio adaptor in the quote but I might contact Steve as I’ll need the cable from the Beogram to the adaptor. The sales rep said the adaptor was like USB-C to RCA? He hadn’t seen one yet but I thought it was USB-C type to line-in?

Anyway, I’m very looking forward to the setup.

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