Reply To: Adding BL19 to BeoSound Theatre worth it or needed?

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I have the Theatre with BL17s as the surrounds and a BL19.  I think the mic calibration favours the Theatre’s bass too much and so for all listening positions I have increased the BL19 by +5.  You can tell the difference with the BL19 on or off and I prefer on… the bass is more complete.

All this being said I already had the BL19, but if I didn’t I would not buy one in at full retail of £3,500.00.  If you can source a second hand one in great condition I do not think there is any scenario where it wouldn’t add to your listening to music/watching a movie pleasure.

IMO, the bass in the Theatre is impressive, and is not a compromise.  The 2 x 100 watt is more than most people will ever want… but a dedicated sub with all that extra 2 x 160 watt class D woofer, if you can afford it, go for it, but remember with the new rebalancing bass management it will not be driven like any previous setup, and it has taken me a few weeks to prefer the Theatre over the Eclipse for sound.  For TV ease the Theatre is not as accomplished as the Eclipse.