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I only had my BST with an LG65 G2 panel up and running after a half day installing the thousands of bits and pieces.

BL90 Fronts

BL3 Rear (side)

BST Upfront.

Watched a Netflix movie and was impressed with the overall performance. The BST is able to push vocals competently while walking between the BL90 phantom image. My previous Gen1 Eclipse soundbar was useless in terms of sound match.

Plenty of bass rumble and physical from the BST (not all the the BL90s) and the BST definitely managed the sound distribution better. The Sound was somewhat “lighter” and less-intense than the previous configuration (Eclipse up front, BL90 Fronts).

I found watching TV channels, the sound was a little “thin” and needed the volume sliding up (say 45 to 53) to compensate. I think this is to do with the App settings in that as far as I can ascertain right now, there is no way to dB boost/reduce specific Sources. (Again in the Eclipse, I reduced the Netflix output volume by -6dB to match TV sound level).


I can only imagine that the BST will be enough in most TV rooms for bass response. I dont see it lacking. I would also imagine that “skinny” loudspeakers like the BL18 (+ BST) would benefit from some experimentation in the Sound Mode settings (Frequency tilt and Sound Enhancement). Also, I would make sure Bass Management is toggles on. This maximises the capability of your loudspeakers.

If this is not enough still for your taste, you either need a Sub or some fatter Beolabs





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