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Isn’t this part of the “full Unpluged Experience”? Like if you where there sitting on the carpet?

It’s not an acoustical sound, it’s a mechanical vibration. So, in order to hear it the same way it’s captured on the recording would be to lie on the stage floor with one ear mashed into the carpet.

Certainly an experience – but probably not desirable.

However, other noises like finger squeaks are definitely used in the mix occasionally. I once did a CD recording where (for one of the tracks) I put two Neumann mics near the neck of the guitar to get a reasonable amount of control not only of how much the left-hand squeaks got into the mix, but where they were placed in the stereo imaging. Listen carefully to that track in the “sweet spot” and you’ll hear the right hand plucking the strings to the left of the left-hand finger movements. (In case you’re wondering, the disc is called “Mona Lisa” recorded by Dennis Pinnock and Bill Coon. Good luck finding a copy… )


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