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Ok, time for a confession 🤗

i do remember the marking on C3 = 2200uF was confusing but I thought I read it correctly…, I did not as it turned out and put it in the wrong way. That was the reason of many blown fuses in the power-pack. That is  ow rectified after going over the whole board once again.

measuring on the power-pack across pin 1-2 = 6 VAC and pin 3-4 = 22 VAC.

at D3-D4= 29.8 VDC but at D6-D8 = 0.7 VDC which can’t be right ?!?!
Could this point to a leaky diode ??

I tested D5 to D8 but all tested ok quasi off-board. Well, in the end I had a nice day !

still, I am getting basically nothing at the pins on P2 or P3… other words, more help

is badly needed…..definitely no StandBy dot visible.