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I was asking the service people exactly that question and they replied, that the more “heat cycles” (they used a different expression) the mains chassis get, the more prone they would become for failure. They also pointed out, that the newer BL 50 and 90 designs put way less thermal stress on the components as they operate at lower temperatures, even when played intensively.

As for the “clock” … i don’t know.

After all, my BL5 had many intensive and loud listening time. Having to spend less than 10% of their purchase price now after 10 years to have them refurbished electronically is o.k for me. They were a lot of fun and pleasure to use until now and i hope, that they will be for the next decade.

The bigger problem was and still is the supply with replacement parts. It can take weeks or months, until B&O can provide them. It is time for them to install a classic parts division inside the factory, in order to keep their heritage products alive and working. Just heard, that there are hardly any parts anymore for BS9000 Mk1’s … no more cd-drives for example.