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My new LG C2 77″ TV arrived two weeks ago, and I’ve been using it with my Beosystem 4 while waiting for my Theatre to arrive. Using the LG remote to change HDMI inputs got pretty irritating. However, I discovered something amazing for those of us with a BLI. There is a system that can be added in the BLI to send controls to an LG WebOS TV!

I simply created a macro so that I can use the Beoremote One to send a CONTROL command to the BLI, which then changes the LG input to whatever input you select in the macro. For example, I renamed a CONTROL command “HDMI 4” and it will change the LG to the HDMI 4 input. You can even select other sources on the smart tv such as “Netflix” to be triggered by a CONTROL command, a color button, etc.