Reply To: Which IR eye for the Beolink Passive?

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But are you saying It can not be turned up with a simple key on the remote and fed by power link? So long standalone Passiveā€¦.

Sadly no – if you look at the Passive’s circuit diagram this shows that the Powerlink input doesn’t even go through the volume control (or Bass/Treble) circuitry. Instead the PL signal is passed almost directly to the output amplifier circuit.

To use the Passive as a stand alone you could make an adaptor to connect to the ML socket but you’d have to turn on and control with the Test Mode, and the sound quality would be impaired because the ML socket is expecting a ‘balanced input’ (basically a +ve and -ve sound signal, rather than signal and ground.)

MCL2AV is the way forward … but it would be great to avoid extra boxes (plus the MCL2AV would need its own 15v power supply – but if you used an MCL2P instead of a passive then then this has a 15v output especially for the MCL2AV).

Nothing’s simple – but it’s fun to try!