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Thanks a lot Die_Bogener !

I now also noticed following. I touched the solder connection of the Left/Right signal wire (see red circle), with a screw driver. And immediately, the power switches ON. And when it is on, the hum/buzz gets stronger. Same happens (obviously) when I touch the back of the RCA connector (as it is the same connection of course). This does not happen when I touch the GND connection.

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Concerning your advise to test by measuring (before plugging in the RCA):

  • The voltage between source and 8000, both AC and DC
  • Measure ground to ground
  • And signal to signal

Just to be sure, do you mean …

  • Ground & Signal at the RCA connector on PCB 05, at one side?
  • And Ground & Signal at the P4 connector Amp PCB, as the other side?


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