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Switching radio stations on the Core through Beo4 and MasterLinked products (using a BLC) did not work a couple of times now. After changing the radio station in the app however, it does work as normal. I will see if this persists and if I can replicate and influence and let you know. I did restart the Core and deleted and rejoined both the Core and the BLC to no avail.

I found out that after a full system switch-off (in the app, or with a long press on the Beo4) the issue arises: when I then choose RADIO on the Beo4, the last chosen radio station plays, but I cannot use the Beo4 to choose another station. Only after I change radio station in the app once, I can use the Beo4 again for changing stations (I use TuneIn btw). I will see if I can report this to the software team.
Is anyone else seeing this too?