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Actually i own BL8000(from 2007) and BL4000 and i really don’t like their sound compared to my Beovox RL60.2 and RL140. The sound is thin and missing depth. The soundstage is not so wide. So my experiences ence is that the older bigger Beovox speakers sounding warmer and more romantic/more pleasant to my ears. And the moderner ones with Icepower have Listening_fatique on my ears. I have a very good hearing. (Offtopic i listened at a dealer on a pair of expensive b&w speakers with a heavy McIntosh tube amp(6xKT150/ch) and the feedback in the amp was extreme. The sound was cold and harsh and lifeless. (and it is always Eric Clapton. Mein gott. Frying your eardrums).All the listening pleasure was gone. I even got a starting headache from the sound ) So in my opinion i like even The Beovox more than Beolab. Maybe it is because im a hyper sensible person. I don’t know…

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