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I am no longer young so my hearing is not as good as it once was.  With that out of the way, I prefer my pair of Balances to both my BL8000s and BL1s (being driven by a BS9000).  I hear them pull out sounds and textures that I had never heard with the same music on the 1s or 8000s.  It’s like music through the Balances reaches out and grabs me whereas the 1s give me a very pretty picture.  I can also fairly reliably hear the difference between Spotify and ripped CDs (on well recorded music) with the Balances, but not with my other speakers.  Spotify sounds flat, not as dynamic or punchy… kind of like the BLs relative to the Balances.  It didn’t surprise me that they were better than the 8000s, but I was shocked when I found them better than the 1s.

It could be the rooms in which they are located.  I have pretty optimal placement for my Balances because they are in my office, and I have full control of their placement.  The 1s are in a common living area so there could are some compromises in their location, but I always like them a lot.  The 1s get shrieky at very high volumes, but I rarely turn up the volume that loud.  I have been tempted to test the Balances in the 1s location, but I’ve been too lazy to set them up (and does it really matter?).

One other odd opinion:  I thought a single BS2 sounded a bit better than a single Balance.  However, when I added the 2nd Balance and created a stereo pair.  Wow!

I’ve never heard B&O passive speakers so I cannot comment on the Balances relative to those.  However, I vote for the new speakers.

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