Reply To: Are older speakers more pleasant to hear than modern speakers (Beolab)?

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In the last 35years keeping B&O solvent, I’ve owned a wide-spread of music machines.

BL6000, BL4000, BL2, BL3, BL4, BL5, BL90 as well as countless Beoplay and integrated music boxes.

My view is that the latter-day products are way way more tonally balanced and powerful than earlier non-ICE loudspeakers. The BL5 was clearly the first of these products on a new playing level and I never found the treble a problem. In retrospect, the BL5 had a bass problem which is clearly revealed when compared to the BL50 or 90. However, in isolation – what a speaker!

The only loudspeaker I ever heard which was a problem for me was the BL1. It was shrill to my ears.

As matters currently stand, I wait in anticipation for the Beosound Balance to be RJ45’d so they can be paired either to a BV or to my Auralic DAC. I think the Balance would run rings around the BL3. But I guess that is a kind of progress?