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Yes, as above. There are more ML devices connected (too many to list!) no speakers are connected to either BLC ML/NLs. I’ve used the first BLC-ML/NL as a bridge between the two networks – and its working fine/.

I would make the next setup:
a. Disconnect the ML between the BLC and the BL Passive
b. Connect both with PL
c. Set this BLC as V.Master
d. Set for this BLC “Networklink”, “Connect to (primary)”: the other BLC
e. Be sure all the sources of the other BLC are set in “Experiece mapped to NL”
f. advice: add an IR-eye to the BLC (with the BL passive connected; IR-eye with the “JOIN” button)

to listen to your A.Master on the BLC with the BL Passive.
1. open B&o app
2. tap the BLC (with the BL Passive)
3. tap the black bar below with the name of this BLC
4. tap the three dots
5. select the/ a source of the A.Master

To test this setup, I have connected BL8000 to a BLC. Another BLC is ML connected to a BS3000. The sources CD, Radio and Aux are made available to NL. The BS3000 BLC is set “Connect to (primary)”.
As described I started the BS3000 CD to the other BLC.

addition: to be able to set the volumes of the BLC, go to “Settings”, “Beolink” and set the “BLC Network Link volume” in the App

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