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I’m trying to connect a BLC to a NK/ML mixed network. to do this, I’ve connected a Beolink Passive (with speakers attached) to a BeoLink Converter NL/ML via Masterlink , the Beolink Converter NL/ML is in turn is connected to the NL network. I already have an audio master in the ML network. Connecting the Beolink passive to the ML network works fine – but as I want to move this to a different location, I have the converter in-between I’m at a loss how to configure the Beolink Converter NL/ML – A.Master shouldn’t work as I already have one, but A.Slave doesn’t allow me to select any sources on the NL (or ML) network with the Beolink Passive/

Question 1: which of the following is your setup
a. BL Passive ML connected to BLC – NL devices – another BLC ML connected to your A.Master, or
b. A.Master ML connected to BL Passive ML connected to BLC – NL devices?

Question 2: which NL devices are connected?

Question 3: you want to move the BLC/BL Passive, does this room have a NL device?