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BL17 are wonderful speakers but they definitely don’t work properly wirelessly. Since mine are wired, everything ok …

Just chipping in with my experience. I had 17’s (still have them just in storage) connected wirelessly for many years with out issue. Right now I have 18’s and a 19 via WiSA and no issues either. I have however kept the firmware up to date. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Actually my first pair of 18’s had trouble with wireless, but I complained to the store and luckily because I had 17’s for so long running on WiSA without fault, they couldn’t just say “Oh traffic on the 5ghz blah blah blah.” They gave me a new pair and they have worked flawlessly now for almost 5 years.

I am looking forward to getting a theater now though.

For years I had looked into options for having 4.1 with 18’s, 17’s and 19 but annoyed with the fluff and buying a third party WiSA device to manage that.

Now finally Theater seems to lift the dream into reality.