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for clarity, this is not my setup – my Theatre hasn’t arrived yet – its the setup in Selfridges in London, where I have spent 2 decent listening sessions in their listening room. ┬áBut that was enough to inform me – and in my case, being a super wide sound stage guy too, I’d definitely be in the camp of wanting fronts with my Theatre, even in my modest lounge (5*5 metres).

My Theatre will sit in between front BL50’s, spread 2.5meters either side of the Theatre.

For rears, I’ll use BL17s, largely because I need to swap out my rear BL3’s (dodge PL wire).

With my setup, I wouldn’t obsess about rears too much – I just dont watch that many films with super special effects, where there are that many rear effects etc.

That all said, like those who have listened to the B&O suggested triangle (Theatre and rear 28s), its definitely very persuasive on its own merits, and more so than (for example) the equivalent of an Eclipse “triangle”.