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same from my listening experiences too – spent a fair bit of time flicking between 2 speaker groups : (A) Theatre with rear 28s (the triangle), and (B) Theatre, rear 28s, and front 18s (triangle plus front l/r)…..and while there is little doubt that the triangle on its own (A) is really really good, and will be plenty immersive for many modest living rooms, when it changed to (B) with the added front l/r’s, I did prefer the wider soundstage.

Helpful, Sandy, thanks. Where do you get the most bang for the buck – with the 28s in the rear and the 18s up front (as you are now configured)? Or conversely, with the 28s in front & 18s in rear?

Adding the front 18s to the triangle was not a binary, black / white, night and day difference though, and hence I can see why B&O are suggesting the triangle (with 28s rears) as a more than enough immersive setup for many.

But for those a bit soundstage width sensitive (I’m in that camp), adding fronts does make an appreciable width improvement.

Thanks for this. Understanding that there are degrees of goodness, not simply great/awful dichotomies, helps with the monetary side of the buying decision. That said, I’m a wide soundstage guy myself.