Reply To: Beomaster 4400 – Sudden drop in sound?

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That one would have a higher value, likely 10uF. Can you confirm this?

Per the schematic, 5C15 is 4.7 uF.

I don’t have any other specific suggestions on what to try next. I will usually make enlarged copies of the relevant sections of the schematics and make notes on it (voltages, if something seems hot, etc.). I try to capture anywhere where B&O calls out a test point since if it was significant to the engineers at B&O, it is likely significant to me.

I would also recheck for cold solder joints and cracked circuit boards. Sometimes removing the board is the only way to be thorough. This also has the advantage in that one could take digital images of the board and inspect an enlarged image on a computer. I usually use a camera to take close-ups then stitch the images together to get a lot of resolution. I have also used a flatbed document scanner for this.

This might be a good application for using freeze spray? I don’t use freeze spray myself since I would rather debug using a FLIR camera. Maybe others can comment on this?

I’m still curious on what the actual voltage is on TP14 when the machine is cold and when it is warm and muted.