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Hi Craig, Martin, and chartz.

Craig – the fuse did separate completely. I will order a couple of new ones along with a replacement of all the components (aside from the reed switches) of the voltage regulator circuit – might as well have the peace of mind for a few bucks and some time.

Martin – I was measuring the inputs on the fuses – in AC mode. The ground was chassis ground.

Question – if inrush current is problematic on these old Beogram transformers, could one simply install an appropriate thermistor to limit inrush current (and what would the ohms, amperage, etc would the thermistor need to be)? Or would a separate inrush limiter circuit need to be in place? I would love to solve this issue with the installation of a thermistor or new circuit. I found an example – see photo below.

chartz – The Beohub board is one that I designed for (a relatively easy) replacement of the filter power supply capacitors that simply installs in the old section with the chassis screws. I have created one for the 4000, 4002 AC, and 4002/4 models. I may make adjustments on the AC motor models (4000, 4002) given advice and guidance from Martin or others. Here are the boards:

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