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After a long time of silence I finally got the time to look at the core and speakers together with my dealer.

To first answer your questions:

  1. I’ve tried both of them: putting chromecast on during and after setup this gave no changes
  2. I did indeed tried with chromecast on and off
  3. Also Bluetooth
  4. This was a good tip, I tried this, but also no result
  5. No this was only durring the first set-up afterwards i didn’t manage to get any sound out of them at all.

Meanwhile I was able to get in contact with my dealer who was able to log in into the core. He couldn’t discover any mistakes made during setup, I’m not technical enough to explain the details but he was thinking the core was faulty. He was able to ask B&O support to do the same, so they also logged in into the core and they made the same conclusion: a faulty core.

So this weekend I’m travelling back to Belgium to change the core for another one and hopefully by the end of next week I can confirm that the full set-up is working.

I’ll put an update here.