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All WiSA, and as I mentioned on a previous post, I have never had an issue in last 7 years with WiSA with the BL17s.  My rears are nearly 7m from the Theatre.

I only had a problem with my BL19 on the Eclipse.  I didn’t have any issue with the Avant 55 Gen 1, before that.  Not sure why but most evenings you could see on the Eclipse in one of the sub menus that the WiSA quality dropped from Excellent to Poor, but a quick rescan solved it for the rest of the evening.

When they first installed the Theatre I did run the BL19 on WiSA for the first few days with no issue, but ultimately decided as they were pulling through new hdmi cables to take the opportunity to wire the sub.  You have to think that the Theatre has the latest radio built in so I am assuming will be better than previous sets.

I feel people have a downer on WiSA (plus a downer on BL17s) but in my experience having lived with it for many years I feel for ease and aesthetics in the room it cannot be discounted as a genuine option.  (Remember vs other BeoLabs the BL17s were seen as cheap and plain looking, but their specs and price vs other manufacturers the BL17s were a proper audiophile speaker, at an astronomical price for their size).

I did tweak my Sky Q router to be fixed on channel 36 for 5ghz rather than it be set to auto, not sure if this did anything or was a placebo effect, but every little tweak to clean the airways near the WiSA frequency.

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