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Got the 2000-mA QI charging receeiver today and the BS-A1 is now charging as it should so the earlier problem dependen on the low capacity of the first QI charging receiver (1000-mA).

I’ve also tried it on a BS-Emerge, which doesn’t start at all. Actually BS-Emerge seem to be very specific to its power source. I’ve tried to connect it to three different USB-C chargers with capacities from 10 to 30 watts and it doesn’t react to any of them (the lamps on toop doesn’t turn on at all), which is strange. On the B&O charger it states different outputs (dependent to the voltage out) but neither of mine with similar outputs seem to work. So, it doesn’t seem like I can power BS-Emerge wirelessly, which will probabaly be the case for BS-Level as it requires eve more watts than BS-Emerge.

The good thing is that at least I can now charge my BS-A1s wirelessly.

I wish B&O could come up with new over-ear headphones that could charge wirelessly too.