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Hi and welcome to Beoworld!

Also I have the Beo4 remote. The display is fine and the buttons cycle through the remote options but it doesn’t operate the stereo? Do I need to pair it or is there a fault?

Perhaps the Ouverture is in A.OPT 0, where it will not respond to IR commands. To resolve this, turn to standby/off. On the Beo4, press the POWER button and LIST together. Then press LIST until OPTION is shown, press GO (centre button), and then press LIST to show A.OPT. Then press 1. The power light on the Ouverture blinks to show that it has been accepted. Then try the remote again.

Absolute legend.  Worked like a charm.  I just need to get a new rubber button pad for the remote now as they’re quite worn.
I did have a rubber belt come with the stereo which I assumed was for cassette.  Is it a relatively straight forward job?  I’ve replaced belt drives on Sharp VZ2000’s before.  I’m not sure I’d actually use the tape player though so it would be purely to make it complete 🤔

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