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There is very little difference in “ease of use” between the services.

If you’re really interested in Hi-Res / MQA quality, as opposed to just CD quality streams, then Tidal or Qobuz. (though to be honest, unless you have invested big money in BL50s/90s setup, I’d forget about HiRes music). ┬áRemember, Spotify dont do CD quality streams, the others do, including Apple Music.

Again, Spotify’s 320k streams are more than enough more many people.

With Spotify connect in so many products, B&O and other brands, why not just stick with Spotify?

To me this is a question that periodically gets asked, but there isn’t really a clear answer.

At least Deezer is integrated in the B&O app, and thats enough for many B&O users to stick with Deezer.