Reply To: Beomaster 4400 – Sudden drop in sound?

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I resoldered most of the contact points and terminals but this did not help.

I did a cursory review of voltages but they all seem to be OK. Nothing stands out as being faulty.

There is no heavy load or current draw. I’ve put the machine on my dim bulb tester as a quick method of this. I don’t think the voltage regulator is failing but I can install a new one if that is prudent. Should have some lying around.

I was able to trace the audio using my tracer. The audio is fine, clear and loud until TR100 / TR200 after which it drops some 80% in volume.

As pointed out, the muting circuit might be active. That would, IMHO, be a good explanation as to why both channels fail at the same time. Question is, why is the muting circuit active? What is the trigger?