Reply To: Beomaster 4400 – Sudden drop in sound?

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Hi all,

good leads, today I had some spare time to reflow the major connection points. I should have done this before because of the known issues with weak solder (not brittle or broken) joints on these machines.

I’ve got nothing connected to the machine at the moment so I can only describe the issue from the FM tuner. Please let me find some DIN to RCA cables and check the issue with another input.

I will check the voltages this evening, should have the time.
Will also desolder the thermistor, if that is broken it might explain the issue as well. Then again, the heatsinks are not even lukewarm, bias etc is still ok. Will use my reflow station to heat it slightly to see the drop / rise in resistance.

If the 15v rail is failing, my question would be why? I’ve not often seen a failure on a power rail without some serious damage. And it would also stay broken, not degrade with time?