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Hello all … sharing my experience with the Beolab 28 and a PowerLink connection. A few things to establish first Beolab 28 can’t be daisy chained for Powerlink connection. You will need to connect each speaker directly to your Powerlink device. Most devices have only 1 Powerlink connection so you will need to use the Powerlink splitter adapter to get 2 connections from 1. My installation I am connecting a LG C2 TV to the BL28s. And using the Hall audio Wireless HIFI Manufacturer – “”. It lets you connect the TV via ARC/HDMI and let us connect to BL28s via Powerlink. It will auto switch to HDMI and let us control BL28s directly using your TV remote. Most TV connections using optical or even 3.5 audio jack (!) will create video-audio lag and you will need to switch source manually using the B&O app. However … When you connect via Powerlink and enable Powerlink in the B&O app you are no longer able to control your Sound profile or even use the equalizer. THEY ARE ALL DISABLED. You cant override Powerlink source i.e. once Powerlink is enabled you cant play any sound apps via the B&O app. Powerlink connection more or less dumbs down the app and the BL28s and just makes the BL28s external speakers to your Powerlink Source. Again not a well thought out implementation from B&O. Yes. Most B&O sources have their Bass and Treble controls but the use of Beosonic Sound profile is one of the main selling points of the BL28s and this is disabled using Powerlink. Would be interested in other people’s experiences with using Powerlink connections with Beolab 28s. There has to be a better way. And or connecting non B&O TVs to the Beolab 28s.

Did you read the Beolab 28 user guide?
There you could read/see that the BL28 has one PL connection.
There it is noted that if PL connection is used, the BL28 become plain speakers to the tv.
There is explained all the setting are then controlled by the tv.

Yes, I have Wireless PL connected the speakers to my Beovision Harmony and both are LAN connected (the main speaker to a switch the other to the main speaker).
Yes, I can use all the features of the BL28.

But if the Harmony is switched on the Harmony is in charge! So everything is then controlled by the tv………..and so should it be.

All in all clever solutions by B&o