Reply To: Beomaster 4400 – Sudden drop in sound?

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Hi all,

  • When I serviced the machine all output transistors were replenished with new washers and thermal compound
  • There is no hum at all and the filter caps register as fine (outside of circuit)
  • Sorry, no FLIR camera but nothing is getting really hot on the board aside from the transistor with the giant ‘star’ heatsink (which I would expect to get hot). But it doesn’t seem to be failing and a failure here would be apocalypse on the power supply
  • There is one (1) component which I think is an old thermistor. It is in the middle of the heatsink. On inspection I saw that it’s very long legs were touching. That is not good. But I don’t know how to test the bugger.

I will indeed check the soldering again. I don’t see any cracked solder but i’ve experienced tired soldering on almost all B&O machines. Problem is that this is very hard to see. Doing a complete reflow of the main board is a total pain to say the least.