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It might “work”, but you should be cautious. The outputs of the transformer will be “off” by the same percentage as the percentage difference of the input voltages. This likely won’t affect any regulated DC signals, but will affect unregulated AC signals. You would have to carefully study the schematic to understand the ramifications.

I would be more concerned about the liability associated with such a modification. If this modification caused a fire in your home, would your insurance cover the damage? What happens if the receiver is sold and the next owner has an issue? If you swap out the transformer for the proper one, you would have an easier time justifying the change.

Personally, I would look for someone parting out a similar machine. In general, there isn’t much demand for transformers since they typically don’t go bad. When people part out machines, the high failure rate items sell very fast (and at a premium).  This leaves the seller with the low demand items that they will often sell cheap just to get rid of them.