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It can be a tough decision.  I currently have the BeoSystem 4 as my control center. When I moved to a 4K TV it suddenly it became a little less useful, still worked ok for the audio, but a little more “clunky”.  I considered other brands solutions, including Marantz but something inside me prevented me from pulling the trigger, possibly much like you.

Products like the Theatre are heavily dependant on software and it’s typically buggy in the beginning.  I’m still fighting software issues with a stereo paired set of Levels.  My Theatre should arrive tomorrow and I am prepared for some software issues.  The Theatre is very expensive (at least for me) and a lot of thought has gone into it to determine if it is the best replacement system. For me the answer is yes.

I’m sure most of the issues with the Theatre will be worked out over time, and then you may get a better feeling if the Theatre is the right replacement system for you.