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I have read all posts with great interest. In the beginning I was really excited about the product and besides the Theatre offering a nice B&O look and strong center channel performance (for true immersive sound consensus seems to be you need the conventional amount of speakers around you) it will provide you with ease of use with the B&O remote we are all used to.

However, I’m beginning to get less excited:

1) The Theatre is limited to be controlled via the app. The app is incredibly buggy and judging by some of the reports in here it prevents the product from performing as intended. Not the ease of use I was hoping for.
2) Control – can work with BeoRemote One if paired with the correct panel. Still the menus are not B&O. I can live with the latter but still…

Currently I use a Canton Smart Connect 5.1 2nd gen (eARC and Atmos) with a LG CX65.  It also has bugs. When you activate eARC you get loud bangs through the speakers when switching material to watch. Also a hissing sound. They have made a new beta sw for me to try so I’m hoping it will resolve it. But it has been a tiresome experience for a product that had so much potential.
Canton is not dependent on an app, is controlled via CEC (or own remote and menus) has AirPlay 2 etc and all the other usual features.
For beoremote i could buy an add on product (third party) so I could control it with a Beo4 or BeoRemote One. For my B&O speakers I could have a BeoSound Core connected at the same time so it would be part of the link system.

It is a shame but I’m struggling with the Theatre as a viable alternative to my current setup. Happy to learn I’m wrong. Was close to pull the trigger but I’m hesitant now. Last B&O tv I purchased which we still have is a BV11-55 which is still a brilliant package but lacks OLED, Atmos and 4K. And as opposed to the Theater if the panel fails it is game over.

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