Reply To: Wanted! Guide for setting up and controlling Light with the Beoremote One/BT.

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Thank you guys! I knew you’d be able to help – I had hoped for it to come 👍 Now I have something to study – I guess I’ll have to play with the BLI, before I really understand it. It is a pity that one has to buy an expensive device/the BLI just because you want to (read: have to) exchange your old bulbs and you still want to use the one and only Beoremote. But I also see the reasons why this so! Life was so easy with the old Light Controls (I have had mine for 20 + years) 🤗 MM

BLI is an expensive solution, but the LC weren’t cheap either.

And as you describe they are more than 20+ years old, so not surprising that there would be a moment you come to this point. The positive: the BLI is more versatile than simple LC’s

Note: maybe you could opt for a second hand Beolink Gateway. It can handle Hue lights also.